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MTZ Belarus Tractor Parts for Sale, ready to ship fast at a low cost from Agri-Tech Imports.

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

The Minsk line of tractors offer low purchase prices and are built to have simple mechanical technologies for easy repair. Keep your Belarus MTZ Tractor running like new with guaranteed brand new parts from Agri-Tech Imports. We carry New MTZ Belarus Tractor parts from Models 500-9345.

Since 2004, Agri-Tech Imports' mission is to supply parts and tires at the lowest possible prices to help American Business Owners. We can provide these prices because we became a direct importer, being able to relay the discounts to our customers.

For farmers of all sizes, there is no such thing as a small job.

Whether you’re maintaining your land or moving large amounts of earth around, every operation comes with complication. We are here to support you and your operation with speedy service and fair prices.

The History of MTZ Belarus Tractors

Since 1968, more than 50,000 Belarus tractors were sold in the USA and Canada. Belarus-made tractors have "legendary reliability," "The engine and transmission were designed and built to ensure years of worry free performance in the vast fields of Russia, where technical service is not always readily available on a 24/7 basis," a MTZ statement said.

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